Haps Nordic Reusable Snack Bag 5 liter Snack bags Transparent Terrazzo

3-pak Reusable Snack Bag 5 liter - Transparent Terrazzo

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The Haps Nordic 5-liter reusable snack bag is the perfect companion for a loaf of bread or bigger portions of leftover food.
While the 3D bottom makes the bag stand stable on many surfaces, you can easily fill the reusable snack bag from the top, and it will close tightly with a double zipper.

Our Snack bags are designed to save the environment from disposable plastic bags and make it easy to store food and snacks in an airtight container. Haps Nordic snack bags can be reused at least 50 times. Rinse by hand or simply put in in the dishwasher and air dry or tap dry with a towel.

The bags are of high-quality PE and PET and have been tested according to European standards and are free of BPA, PVC, and phthalates.

Color: Transparent Terrazzo
Quality: PE/PET
Dimensions: 5 L
Washing instructions: Dishwasher safe

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