Lunchboxes with dividers for kids and adults

No matter if you are a child or a grown up, you are always looking forward to lunch. This is the time for you to take a break and have a something nourishing your body and mind. But this is only a joyful time if the lunchbox is as good as it was this morning being prepared. 

At Haps Nordic we focus on functional lunchboxes for children and grownups. We offer lunchboxes with adjustable dividers but also boxes that are already sectioned into small compartments. 

Our Haps Box is inspired by the traditional Japanese bento box and has 5 compartments. This creates an exciting moment for the receiver of the lunchbox. It also creates a bit of a challenge for the one who creates the lunch. Because what has to go where? 

Responsible lunchbox in stainless steel that will last a lifetime

All of our lunchboxes are created in 100% food-approved stainless steel. This will provide you a lunch that contains zero plastic and is also responsible to our environment. This is because of the long durability of the product and also the fact that this can always be used for creating new materials in steel. Read more about our choice of materials, here

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