Say hello to Haps Box and goodbye to tedious meal prep.
Our Haps Box is designed with 5 compartments making it easy to pack a variety of food separately. One big room for a sandwich, a good portion of salad, or a leftover meal. And four smaller compartments in various sizes for fruits, greens, nuts, and maybe a little surprise for those long days ahead.
Haps Box comes with a removable silicone inlay in the lid for improved closure between compartments.

Combat waste with your Haps Box -the separated compartments make it easy to avoid tin foil, food wrap, and paper to keep foods apart.

Generous in size, easy to clean, and perfect for a balanced and creative lunch inspiring for kids and adults alike.

To clean, simply wash by hand or in the dishwasher. Occasionally remove the silicone inlay and wash separately.

Color: Steel
Quality: Stainless steel
Dimensions: W 26cm x D 19cm x H 5cm
Washing instructions: Dishwashersafe (no microwave)

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