‘The idea for Haps Nordic and our reusable Smoothiebag started on a trip to Asia with my family during our maternity leave’, Melis, the founder of Haps Nordic tells. ‘Our son was nine months at the time and had to eat a lot of small meals frequently.
We spent a lot of time on the go and at the beach, so the most comfortable solution at that time was to bring premade fruit smoothies made for babies. But I felt terrible about all the plastic waste it regenerated on our way. All I really wanted was a substantial, healthy, and inexpensive meal like porridge for my son Mio.
I started to think about how to design a more sustainable, appealing, and practical alternative.
Back home in Denmark, I designed the refillable Smoothiebag, which became Haps Nordic’s first product. 
Today we have a great range of beautiful products.  
With our eco-friendly products, we always aim to make a sustainable lifestyle a little easier and a lot more beautiful. On the go, in the kitchen, and in everyday life. 
As a textile designer, it has always been essential for me to produce as environmentally friendly as possible while caring for the people involved.
Therefore we work closely together with our factories in India, China, and Lithuania.'

Our design philosophy is simple:
Beautiful products you like to keep and cherish,
making it easy for all of us to minimize food and plastic waste
one step at a time.
Welcome to HAPS NORDIC