• Aesthetics

    Nordic aesthetics and finely tuned color combinations are the core skills of Haps Nordic and a natural part of our DNA. You can almost feel the joy we experience designing new Haps Nordic items.
    • Consciousness

    We thrive on being conscious of every decision we make. For Haps Nordic, this means caring for nature, the people around us, and our relationships. We work with selected retailers that follow the same path.
    Constantly trying to be better while working towards a green and nurturing future, we think about every new step we take.
    • Durability

    Our products are made to be used again and again. Design, materials, and finish are all well thought of and made to last. We do not believe in seasons; instead, we design and develop ongoing new products we find important. Our design evolves on the family lifestyle of today and tomorrow: Green kitchen, outdoor living,  healthy and calming surroundings, and a little 'hygge'.