Our core mission is to create green alternatives to traditional products.
At Haps Nordic, we dream of an everyday life with no packaging or
food waste. We create long-lasting products that make it easy to minimize
food waste and ditch disposable products, such as plastic bags,
cling film, and tin foil.
We believe in a full lifetime circle and want our products and materials
to live as long as possible. Not only by designing timeless items with
the best finish possible, but we also want to give our products an afterlife
when fatigued, too damaged, or worn out. Therefore, most of our
products are crafted in mono materials, such as organic cotton, steel,
and plastic.

The Next Step

At Haps Nordic we always thrive to do the best we can. Therefore we are 
excited to take our green mission one step further this year. We have just 
been accepted for the national danish project GCO (Grøn Cirkulær Omstilling). 
This will help us develop and implement even more green and circular business 
models, ultimately aiming to recycle all materials in a closed circuit with 
renewable energy sources and without environmentally harmful substances 
or waste.
We can’t wait to go full circle.