Mini ice lolly makers - Terracotta


This mini version of our beloved Lolly maker is designed for the mini humans of the family. The cute and tiny size makes it easier for the child to hold on to the bamboo stick. The ice lollies are ideal for meal prepping small vegetables purées for your children. You can create custom-made frozen pops using any combination of juices, yogurt, fruit, ice cream or dairy. Our molds are made of food-grade stainless steel with silicone lids, plus 8 reusable natural wood popsicle sticks. Stainless steel does not absorb any odors or colors and freezes quickly. Silicone lids are leakproof and become a little tray to catch drips while enjoying your homemade popsicle.
These 4 stackable single-serve molds take up minimal space in your kitchen and your freezer.
Combat food waste and quickly freeze left-over smoothie, yogurt, or juice in these nontoxic and plastic-free Ice Lolly Makers.

Do not leave your child unsupervised while eating the lolly.

• Food-grade stainless molds steel with leakproof silicone lids.
• Set of 4. Plus eight reusable natural wood popsicle sticks.
• Stackable.
• Simple to clean and dishwasher safe. Rinse wooden sticks by hand.
Nontoxic: Free from BPA, BPS, phtalates and lead.

Color: Terracotta
Quality: Staniless steel/Silicone
Dimensions: 50 ml

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