Top 3 reasons for using Furoshiki and ditch unruly and disposable wrapping paper

  1. Reduce waste
    Because you can use gift wrapping fabric repeatedly, you will limit the amount of trash that can not be recycled. Gift wrapping paper is usually coated with plastic or glitter, which makes it difficult to recycle as paper. You typically also save the environment for tape and gift ribbons.

    Sustainable Giftwrapping made easy.
  2. It's easy
    Have you ever fought with unruly gift wrapping paper trying to fold it around a gift with obsolete shapes? It might be difficult, the paper may tear, and you are left with a gift wrap you are not very proud of.
    Typically, transport or shipping does not make the gift wrapping job any nicer. Fabric is much more pliable, and it is easy to obtain a nice look. Furoshiki is gift wrapping 'paper', scotch tape, and gift ribbon in one. The fabric is easy to control and almost always gives a nice expression, whether it is a bottle, a ball, or a pair of headphones you would like to wrap.
    Eco-friendly Giftwrapping with furoshiki
  3. You will  inspire others
    You can help set the conversation and thoughts about sustainability in motion in your circle of friends. And what better way to do that than with a gift?
    Gfitwrapping with furoshiki -textile gift wrapping


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