It has been the rainiest month of May for 38 years in Denmark. Now we are yearning for more sunny days to come.

But all that rain has been great for plants and nature: The greenest trees, the most beautiful flowers, and the juiciest herbs everywhere. That, in turn, is what we love.

Here is a recipe to capture the delicious, invigorating taste of mint. Use it for your desserts, delicious drinks or on salads and in dressing.

Homemade mintsugar



What you need:


200g sugar


A large bundle of mint


Here's how you do it:


Pick the mint leaves off the stems and put them in a blender or mini chopper along with the sugar. Blend until the sugar is green and the leaves are finely chopped.


If you are looking for a delicious, slightly juicy fresh green sugar, you can already choose to fill your fresh mint sugar in glasses and store it in the fridge. This will last for a few weeks in the fridge.


We have chosen to spread the sugar out on a baking sheet with parchment paper and dry it. The sugar is dry and crunchy within a day or overnight.

If you like your sugar finely granulated, you may want to blend yours one last time before filling it into glasses.


If you prefer a slightly uneven and more crunchy topping, keep it as it is and cover your fruits, your salads with these beautiful, natural sprinkles of summer.

Also delicious with your lemonade, drinks (mojitos), and salad dressings.

Homemade mint sugar with grapefruit -delicious:)


Ps. Mint sugar tastes really good on a strawberry sandwich.


Pps. If you love the taste of mint but you do not have the time, mint is also beautiful and delicious as a small flavoring in a jug of water or as hot tea.