We have talked a lot about black friday (and black week?) here at the office.

It is, after all, a huge consumption party. And at Haps Nordic, we have a desire to inspire to responsible shopping.
Therefore, the Black Friday concept does not fit with Haps Nordic, our mission and values.

We know that many people are ready to shop for good deals on Friday and that is why we have decided to participate in our own way.

We have a huge desire to make a difference to the planet and that is what started the whole Haps Nordic adventure, so we have chosen to donate 50% of our sales this weekend to the Danish organization Plastic change.
In this way, together with you, we can make a difference and help a case that is close to our hearts, at the same time we hopefully inspire some of our lovely customers to make a difference during this consumer celebration.

Briefly about Plastic Change:
  • Plastic change will protect nature and the ocean from plastic pollution
  • Reduce the climate footprint
  • Conserve the earth's resources
  • Protects public health from harmful chemicals

It is not the same offer as you get in other shops, but it is a way in which we can participate in Black week/Friday with a clear conscience.
We need your help to collect, so we hope you will welcome the initiative.

We start the collection on Friday 25 November and run until 27 November. On Monday 28 November we will send the money to Plastic change.

XXX Melis and Haps team