Square Cotton cover 2-pack solid - Hazel pack

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Cotton Covers are your durable alternative to single-use packaging such as tin foil and cling film. Produced with care for the environment and free of toxic chemicals.

These breathable Cotton Covers are perfect when storing food in a fridge or on a table, rising the dough, or taking food to picnics.

This Square Cotton Cover fits over various shapes and sizes.

Our Square Cover is specially designed to cover your bread mold or loaf tin when rising your dough and storing or transporting your bread or cake. Cotton Covers are breathable and suitable for almost all kinds of food.

2 Square Cotton Covers in 100% organic GOTS-certified cotton with elastic tightening

This pack contains 2 pcs in solid colors.

Color: Hazel pack
Quality: 100% Organic Cotton GOTS
Dimensions: 30x12 cm
Washing instructions: 30°C

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