Mixed pack Reusable Snackbags - Transparent Terrazzo


5-pack Reusable Snack Bags
400ml, 1000ml, 5L
This is our combo of all Snack bag sizes for you to try out and find your favorite. And for you, who knows, you need all sizes in your kitchen or on the go.
These beautiful see-through bags in various sizes make it easy to organize your food, snacks, and leftovers on the shelf, in the fridge, or in your freezer. Our 5-liter snack bag also is the perfect companion for a loaf of bread or large portions of leftover food.
Replace disposable bags with our resealable Snack Bags. Perfect for various solid and liquid snacks for school, the office, or a trip to the playground.
Our Snack Bags are designed to save the environment from disposable plastic bags and make it easy to store food and snacks in an airtight container. Reuse at least 50 times.
These Snack Bags are made of high-quality food-grade PE and PET plastic and tested according to European Standards for baby food and children's food. Free from phtalates, BPA and PVC and freezer friendly.

Color: Transparent Terrazzo
Quality: PE/PET
Dimensions: 2X400 ml. 2X1000 ml. 1X5 l.
Washing instructions: Dishwashersafe (no microwave)

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