Cotton wrap roll - Marine stripe Mustard/nature


Create your own sizes for sandwiches, breads, fruit, cookies, and anything in between.
Our sustainable cotton wrap is made of organic cotton and covered with beeswax and jojoba oil.
Haps Nordic beeswax wraps are breathable, plastic-free, and all-natural.
The warmth of your hands helps mold the wraps.
Easily wrap it around your preferred food or bowl for coverage and it will seal your food and keep it fresh for a long time.
Instead of using cling film or tinfoil, you can reuse our cotton wrap many times by gently washing them with cold water and mild dishwashing soap.

Color: Marine stripe Mustard/nature
Quality: 100% Organic Cotton w/bees wax and jojoba oil
Dimensions: 30x100cm
Washing instructions: Wash by hand and reuse.

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