3-pack Smoothie Bags - Marine stripe cold


3-pack reusable smoothie bag 190ml.
These reusable smoothie bags are easy to fill from the bottom and close tight with a robust double zipper.
Use it again and again up to maximum 50 times.
The smoothie bags are made in high quality and made of PET, nylon and PE. Our smoothiebags are tested free of phthalates, BPA and PVC and approved for babies and baby food after European standards.
Don’t let your kid out of sight with the cap.
The smoothiebag endures a maximum of 90°C. Do not use a microwave.
They can be scalded in 15 sec.
We advise that the filling is a maximum of 37 °C when you put it into your smoothiebag.

Color: Marine stripe cold
Quality: PE/PET
Dimensions: 190 ml
Washing instructions: Dishwasher safe

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